Nutley Sons Killed in Action in Normandy Invasion of Fortress Europe

Robert Cary 3.19.44/Austria

William G. Pearson 6.6.44/Normandy

Donald Wood 6.7.44/France

Lee White 6.8.44/France

Stanley Szczyrek 6.8.44/France

Ronald McCormack 6.9.44/Normandy

Theodore Cassera 6.23.44/France

Charles O'Neill 6.6.44/France

Walter Mihalchuk 7.3.44/France

John Gervan 7.4.44/France

Wilbur Westfall 7.20.44/France

James Pierce 7.30.44/England

Wallace Reed 8.6.44/France

Charles O'Neill 7.14.44/France

Wilbur Westfall 7.20.44/France

James Pierce 7.30.44/France

Wallace Reed 8.6.44/France

James Murren 8.31.44/Over England

George Haack 8.8.44/France

Robert Dickert 9.15.44/France

Charles Liebau 9.16.44/France

Robert Clendinning Jr. 9.27.44/Over England

Arthur Leithauser 11.2.44/France

Joseph A. Des Jardins Jr. 11.5.44/France

Sidney Butcher 11.24.44/France

Frank Stangota 11.25.44/France

Anthony Impellizzeri 11.2.44/Germany

Maro L. Jahr 12.15.44/Germany

Eugene Bellene 12.17.44/Luxembourg

Halsey Miller 12.17.44/Malmedy, Belgium

Charles J. Smith 12.23.44/Belgium

Malcolm Christopher 12.25.44/English Channel

William H. Deighan 12.30.44/Over England

David Kurz 3.45/Germany

Carl Hansen 1.17.45/France

Frank Burak 2.2.45/Germany

Howard Harle Jr. 3.6.45/Luxembourg

Frank Garruto 4.7.45/Europe

James Lofrano 4.8.45/Germany

Russell W. Wester 4.11.45/Germany

Walter J. Kotwica 4.17.45/Sigfreid Line

Robert Gray 4.19.45/Stalag/Germany

Werner Holzhauer 5.27.46/France

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