Memorial Day

Remembering 1944

Nutley, New Jersey

This Memorial Day, let us not forget these 42 Nutley sons, brothers and fathers who paid the ultimate price for our freedom in 1944:

Cecil Dunthorn, High Street, was KIA Jan. 15, 1944, in the South Pacific.

Charles E. Haney, of Washington Avenue, died Jan. 19, near Cherry Point, N.C.

Robert Cary, East High Street, was reported MIA March 19, in Italy.

John Canis, Church Street, was KIA April 2 at Anzio.
Charles Coburn, Hillside Avenue, died April 22 in Woodbury.

Richard Teeple, Centre Street, was reported MIA over Greece April 25.

Gordon Tasney, Nutley Avenue, was MIA over Italy since early April.

Daniel Antonacci, Albany Avenue, was KIA May 14 at Anzio.

Donald J. Wood, Nutley Avenue, was KIA in France on June 7.
Charles O'Neill was killed at Normandy.

Lee O. White, Brookline Avenue, died in France on June 8.

Stanley J. Szczyrek, Homer Avenue, was KIA in France on June 8.

Ronald McCormack, Church Street, was MIA on June 9, in Normandy.

William G. Pearson, Glendale Street, was KIA June 6 in Europe.

Theodore Cassera, Glendale Street, was KIA in June in France.

Howard Lemperle, Oak Ridge Avenue, was KIA June 24 in Italy.

Walter Mihalchuk, Gless Avenue, was KIA July 3 in France.

John Gervan, Myrtle Avenue, was KIA over France July 4.

Wilbur Westfall was KIA July 20 in France.

James Pierce, Park Avenue, died July 30 in England.

Wallace Reed, Beech Street, was KIA on Aug. 6 in France.

Anthony Di Petta, Columbia Avenue, was lost at sea Sept. 10 in the South Pacific.

Robert Dickert, Park Avenue, was KIA Sept. 15 in France.

Charles Liebau, Franklin Avenue, was KIA Sept. 16 in France.

Robert Clendinning, High Street, was KIA Sept. 27 over England.

Walter Stecewicz, Centre Street, died of wounds received in action Oct. 24 in Italy.

Arthur Leithauser, Ridge Road, was killed Nov. 2 in France.

Anthony Impellizzeri, Nutley Avenue, was killed Nov. 2 in Germany.

Joseph Des Jardines Jr., Park Avenue, was killed Nov. 5 in France.

Thurston Woodford died Nov. 10 in the South Pacific.

William Louden, Garden Place, was MIA Nov. 13 in the Pacific.

John Hanley, Race Street, was killed Nov. 21 in Burma.

Sydney Butcher, Overlook Terrace, was KIA Nov. 24 in France.

Frank Stangota, St. Mary’s Place, was killed in action Nov. 25 in France.

Maro Jahr, White Terrace, was KIA Dec. 15 in Germany.

Halsey J. Miller, South Spring Garden, was killed at Malmedy, Belgium on Dec. 17.

Eugene Bellene, Homer Street, was KIA Dec. 17 near Berdorf, Luxembourg.

Charles Smith, William Street, was KIA Dec. 23 in Belgium.

Thomas Maxham, Chase Street, was killed Dec. 24 at Dudhkund, India.

Malcolm Christopher, Chestnut Street, was KIA Dec 25 in the English Channel.

William Deighan, Centre Street, was KIA Dec. 30 in the ETO.

Let us in Nutley forget none of the 92 who died in WWII, the 17 who died in
WW1, the 12 who died in the Korean war era, the 9 who died in Vietnam, or the 8 who died
in service during peace time.

Written by Anthony Buccino, Adapted from a letter to the editor May 27, 2004, in The Nutley Sun and the Nutley Journal.

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